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Check out our brand new Woodburning Portable BBQ
The original one! and the only one!


Made in Canada(Quebec)

Exclusive to AGRV Products
Our Gusto BBQ as been tested by a Quebec consumer testing( sorry, in french only) and it's the #1 portable BBQ on the market!Mai 2017

Ready for export!

Ideal at home or on vacation

The Delecto is the ideal family BBQ! Easy to use, it is powerful, safe and versatil. And its light weight and compact shape make it easy to take along to the beach, boating, home, condo or on camping trips. Whenever you want, you can cook delicious cutlets, kebabs, hamburgers, hot dogs, roast chicken, grilled fish, vegetables en papillote etc. And the oh-so-practical Delecto is ready to stow away just 15 minutes after you turn it off.

Innovative technology

Winner of an award for innovative technology in 2000 at the Salon international des inventions in Geneva, the Delecto was also nominated for the technology innovation prize of the Centre des sciences de Montréal in February 2004.

Since that time, Woodflame stayed low profile and was working to get the best product with the best quality before to go on the international market, selling bbq's in the province and few ones over the internet in some other country and keeping all the customer in a high level of satisfaction.

Around 5000 to 10,000 pieces a year where sold and no one is unhappy with this 62,500 btu BBQ, Now we are ready for the international market!

All the parts are made in Canada and the manufacturing plan is in Quebec province, and Woodflame as the complete control on all the componants and test the quality to be shure it meet their standard.

You never saw a BBQ with the stainless steel or aluminum body warranty for 5 years!

Woodflame BBQs do not use propane gas or charcoal … so there’s no hazardous handling of gas bottles or endless waiting for the right temperature to be reached. Just a chunk of hardwood and a fire starter are all you need, and your BBQ is ready for cooking in under two minutes!

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